Power View in Excel 2013 Part Two: Maps

This is my second blog post about the functionality in Power View for Excel 2013 that will show you have easy it is to create map visualizations in Excel 2013.

I start with the basic model with relational data from the Adventure Works database with country, calendar year and internet order quantity. What you can see here is a basic tables when you drag the attributes and the measure to the default box in the down right corner.

The Basic Model

Now we will change this boring table into something more visually useful. Make sure that the table is marked and press the map button in the ribbon.

The Map Button

After you have pressed the map button you will see something like this on the canvas.


The first map


But we can extend this even more. Here is the design tool to the right where I have added CalendarYear to vertical multiplies.


The map design tool

The result is this map.

The final report

The purpose of this blog post is to show you how easy it is to integrate maps into your reporting and change a boring table into something more useful with a few clicks.

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