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BISM MD: Introduction to Evaluation Nodes

This is the first introduction to the concept of evaluation nodes in SQL Server Profiler and what they can tell you about what is going on in the SSAS engine. I would also like to examine where the evaluation nodes show up in the Profiler trace. Evaluation nodes were introduced as events in SQL Server …

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ISOWeeks in SSAS Revisited

I wrote a blog post a few years ago about IsoWeeks in SSAS and now it is time to do an update. Since SQL Server 2008 and later we have a TSQL Datepart() argument that will remove the need to build TSQL User Defined Functions to add this information into a date dimension table. You …

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My Quick Guide to SSAS Query Tuning Part One

The intention of this blog post is to write a practical introduction to SSAS Query tuning with the SQL Server Profiler tool. I think that SQL Server profiler can be very usefu but it also have its issues with delivering too much information and in a very unclear way. I hope that this post can …

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When Analysis Services Wakes Up Part Two

This is the second part of a series of introductions to performance tuning of Analysis Services. The main tool used in this blog post is SQL Server Profiler that we will use to see what happens when SSAS starts up after a restart of the service and when the first user connects to SSAS. Like …

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When Analysis Services 2008 R2 Wakes Up

This is the start of a small series about SSAS performance scenarios that might help in everyday performance discussions with users and customers. The first post is about why SSAS initially can be perceived as slow after a restart of the SSAS service and when the first user connects after the restart. It does not …

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Reflections on the new version of the SSAS Performance Guide

It is here and you should read it. I know about the real world scenarios of fixed price projects and set up something that is good enough. In your own professional struggle to learn about SSAS internals and design trade offs I would recommend any BI professional to read it. Even if you do not …

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Ignore processing errors in SSAS 2005 and 2008

When you start with a SSAS prototype or a proof of concept cube you seldom have the time to clean data in a comprehensive way. You want to show the customer a cube with their data and if it is not perfect that is not important in a prototype. In this simple example I will …

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Loading duplicates records into SSAS 2005

This post is about what will happen when you load duplicate dimension records into SSAS 2005. A following post will deal with duplicate fact records. Will SSAS 2005 generate an error when you try the first scenario? Not by default as we shall see in a simple cube.   Edit: After doing some additional testing …

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Get the ISO Week correct in the Adventure Works cube

A few months ago I wrote about how you can calculate the ISO week by creating a user defined function with TSQL in your database.  You will need to read that blog post first and use the code for the UDF that you can find here. What I  did not show was how to create a …

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Null processing of measures in SSAS2005

A few days ago a question regarding null processing of fact records was posted on the SSAS forum. It was also about nulls in dimension tables but let us focus on what to do with empty measures in a fact record. Should you put zero in them or allow null? I answered that post with …

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