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Me and MS Analytics

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on June 19, 2006

I started to work with Microsofts analytical solutions in 1999. This was the time forthe release of SQL Server 7 and OLAP services. Since then it has been my professional focus to develop BI-solutions on the MS-platform. I have worked with most parts of SQL Server like DTS, the RDBMS, Analysis Services and Reporting services.  The cycles have been to work with ETL for a couple of years and then reporting and client interaction in another 2-3 years cycle. Most of my customers are small from a U.S point of view but the fun is that you can participate in most parts of a BI-project. The main client platform I hace worked with(since 1999) is ProClarity.
Right now, some of my customers are switching to the 2005 version and this means a lot of pressure to learn things about a heavily changed product. In the last 6-8 months we have seen new releases of ProClarity, SQL Server 2005 and Business Scorecard Server. I have also downloaded and tried the new BI-feaures in Office 2007(read Excel 2007).
From now on I will write about different topics in this area.

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