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Migrate from AS2000 to SSAS2005?

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on April 21, 2007

SSAS2005 have a migration wizard and I have printed an article in SQL Server Magazine, but I have not read that yet.
I have moved solutions from AS2000 to SSAS2005 for two customers and my experience is that is pointless to use the migration wizard in this process.
In AS2000 dimensions were hierarchies, nothing else. So if you have more than one product or customer dimension in AS2000 they will be migrated as separate dimensions in SSAS2005.
What you will have to do is simply to put every product- and customer dimension into separate user hierarchies within a general product and customer dimension.
After this is designed you will have some new work with attribute relations and dimensions keys, that were never a problem in AS2000.
My advice is to redesign the dimension models in SSAS2005. This is better than migrating an old structure that do not work very well.  The cost or downside of this is if you have a lot of reports built on the old AS2000 dimension structures. Still I think it is worth the effort to make a redesign. Business changes over time.

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