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Heading for Seattle tomorrow(tuesday)

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on May 7, 2007

This is actually my first trip to USA to the first BI-conference hosted by Microsoft. I will miss the familiar, small scale conferences that ProClarity had before it became a part of Microsoft.
I will not miss seing the chief SSAS guru in a session about SSIS and Chris KPI MDX session. 
The problem with a conference of this size is that a lot of interesting sessions will be held at the same time, so I and my collegue will have to make a list of priority sessions on the flight to Seattle.
I work for a company that do not have a large MS-BI department. This means that I and the collegue will have to cover many products in the MS-BI platform. Our focus will probably be on Sharepoint integration and Performancepoint.
I hope to see Chris and Deepak on tuesday night but this depends on our flight having a succesful arrival on time.

One Response to “Heading for Seattle tomorrow(tuesday)”

  1. Sven said

    Och för ett psedoarrangemang missar du Bajen!? 🙂 Lycka till!

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