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Back from the BI conference

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on May 14, 2007

I have already read a lot of good decriptions of what happened at the BI conference in Seattle last week. What was most important then from my perspective?
  • I have learned a lot about Performance Point Budget/Planning. I am working with a budget/SSAS2005 project right now and Performance Point will be a great improvement for these business problems when it is released in November.  Previously I have also done budget projects with the write back feature of AS2000 where performance have been a problem. Nice to see that Performance Point have the same approach that I had on this problem: avoid the cube and write records directly to the fact table.
  • Performance Point analytics will not have any great benefits for existing ProClarity customers. If you are not keen on running Budget/Planning you can wait until Performance Point 2.0
  • Performance Point Analytics will be a much more economical solution than using Sharepoint server 2007. You can build reports in Performance Point and publish them to Sharepoint Services.
  • All the chalc talk sessions on MDX and Analysis Services where good. I fired off the question on non_empty_behaviour on calculated measures(to hear a second opinion) which gave Richard Tkachuk some bad vibrations(I do not like that question). Mosha was there in the audience but did not interfere.
  • I greatly appreciated Donald Farmers session on the Office data mining components. He is a talanted speacher and also showed up in one of the main speaches with more data mining stuff.
  • We had some talk with the reporting services and the SSIS team on some present problems and what will happen in the future.
  • Good to see Chris Webb and have a short talk. I also shaked hands and talked with Edward Melomed from the SSAS2005 development team,
  • Our aircraft was delayed so I did not meet Deepak. This was the only disappointing part of the conference.

2 Responses to “Back from the BI conference”

  1. Deepak said

    Hi Thomas,
    sorry we didn’t meet in person – I think I actually heard your NEB question, but crowd was overflowing (MDX is such a hot topic now?), and I was standing at the back, near Chris and Mosha. For me, the Conference became too hectic, because many people from my company were also attending, and I didn’t how to allocate the limited time.
     – Deepak

  2. Thomas said

    Hello Deepak, Yes this conference was intensive/hectic. Sorry that we did not have time to shake hands. I hope to meet you next time MS have have a BI conference. Keep on the good work on the newsgroup because I and many others learn a lot from your answeres,

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