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Things that Microsoft can do better in the next release

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on May 19, 2007

With the Katmai release coming on within 12 months these are my remarks on what could be handled better in the 2005 version of Analysis Services:
  • SQL Server 2005 had an early presentation(already in the beta two release) and a whitepaper on what is new in TSQL 2005. I did not get the point of new features in MDX until Moshas latest Blogs one year after the official release(November 2005). The whole idea of script assignements, how to build time calculations and the non_empty_behaviour did not have good enough explanations until 12 months after the release.
  • The importance of attribute relations should have been in a white paper in the beta two release. The person who wrote the official white paper on this subject is a much better live presenter of MDX than a writer. Mosha had the same problem of being too technical two years ago but now he is understandable. 
  • I have worked with MDX for several years and I still find different explanations of what an "attribute overwrite" is. My present view is that all calculated members and MDX scripts that point to new coordinates are attribute overwrites. This is obvious to the SSAS2005 development team but not that obvious to outsiders.
  • Not all BI-consultants including me are fulll blown .Net programmers or C++ programmers. We have a hard time keeping up with TSQL , MDX and SSIS-script enhancements. And we will have to support more technology than SSAS including Reporting Services, SSIS and the database engine. Remember that part "OLAP for the masses" is developed in smaller countries with smaller customers. We do not have a Wall-Mart around the corner every year.
  • Do not build a migration wizard that keep an AS2000 structure of cubes and dimensions.

SSAS2005 is a great product but the development group can make our work, as consultants, much easier and enhance the sales of SQL Server in the next release.


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