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What’s to learn more about during the next two weeks

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on May 23, 2007

I will be the presenter of MS-BI news for some customers in the beginning of june. Our plans is to talk about and demo features in:
  • Excel 2007
  • Excel 2007 Services(part of Sharepoint 2007 Server)
  • Excel 2007 data mining
  • Performance Point Analytics
  • Performance Point Planning
  • Report Center in Sharepoint 2007 Server
  • Integration of a Strategy map with a balanced scorecard in Performance Point.

Quite a lot of servers and client features to have an opinion about. Up until know I have spent most time on Excel 2007 as an SSAS2005 client and most of the features my clients will ask for are already there. My present ProClarity customers will see some new good features not available in ProClarity like having many SSAS2005 tables in the same spreadsheet.  A lot of others will miss a lot of better features that are not a part of Excel 2007(better dimension tool, the performance map and the decomposition tree).

Most of the time however is spent making all those server applications:

  • SQL Server 2005
  • SSAS2005
  • SSRS2005
  • SSIS2005
  • Sharepoint 2007 Server
  • Performance Point Server

Working on my laptop. This far I have realized that the SSRS2005 Sharepoint 2007 integration(You run SSRS2005 inside of Sharepoint 2007 and not in report manager/report server) have a problem with Sharepoint(that will not work). Right now Sharepoint 2007 server works together with Performance Point CTP 2 on my laptop and it seems like a miracle.

I think I spend to much time on installation issues than on learning more about something useful like MDX.

Chris Webb have published some interesting posts on trend analysis with MDX( and he have used some statistics like ‘Linear regression’. Great information.  I will try his examples.

Trends can also be expressed in alternative ways and I have an example of what a client of mine requested. Not linear regression but accumulated rolling 12 months on each month. In a chart you will present each month as a bar but the rolling accumulated 12 months as a line. This will require two y-axis scales in a chart but that can be solved in ProClarit and Excel 2007, but not in SSRS2005(only one y-axis in a graph if you do not buy the Dundas add ins).

I will write a post(my first MDX) about this soon and another one on finding the last time member with data in a cube(simple business problem). I have also written down most of the MDX I have used during my career in a classification system. It looks good on a piece of paper but how can you publish that on the webb. I thinking about writing som posts called "MDX for everyone".

Let bee careful out there in the BI-world!


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