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The least known newsgroup in Microsofts BI strategy?

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on May 29, 2007

I have found a little newsgroup on Microsoft  called "Sharepoint Business Intelligence". It has less than five hundred posts and the top answerer leads with one reply. It is a little sad to find an important group with that slow activity.
Even worse than the data mining group that  I think will see more attention after the SP2 release of the Excel2007 DM-add ins.
Today I was naive and posted a question because I will have some focus om Excel Services and Sharepoint 2007 Server during the coming weeks. The answere frequence was not that impressing. Zero.
My idea of Excel services is central repository to put your Exel2007 SSAS2005 reports in order to get the ‘one version of the truth’ and make it impossible to create local copies of that truth.
There are also other features.
SharePoint 2007 Server have a report center that will be interesting as a portal for information in SSAS2005 and SSRS2005.
Please have more attention here MS.
So far I have found out that you cannot create an Excel 2007 spreadsheet report based on SSAS2005 and publish that to Sharepoint 2007 Server. I have some problem about why the data connection file, created in Excel 2007, do not work after appload and approval in Sharepoint.
 Still I think that MS have a good product that can unite reporting with approval and a workflow. But it is a huge product and it will take some time to learn more about it. 
ProClarity Dashboard server 6.3 is a little bit easier.

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