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Running SSAS2005 on Windows Vista

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on June 18, 2007

I have runned the SQL Server 2005 developer edition on my laptop with Windows XP. Lately I have got a new machine with Windows Vista Business Edition and had to reinstall my entire development environment.
The issues that have appeared:
  • In order to install Reporting Services 2005 you will have to activate a few closed down features in IIS
  • You will have to install Visual Studio 2005 SP1 in order for BIDS and Management Studio to work.
  • After that you will need a Visual Studio 2005 SP1 update as well.
  • When everything was installed with SQL Server 2005 SP I tried to process the Adventure Works cube project but got a strange message that I did not have access right to the Bin folder for the project, even if I am mapped to the local administrators group on my laptop. The folder for the Adventure Works also had read only access activated. I tried to change that without success.

The last problem was about a new feature in Vista that you will find under user account in the control panel: "Turn User Account Control on or off". This setting is on by default. In Vista I was not a local administrator even if my account was part of that group with this setting on.

After this was changed I was able to process the Adventure Works Cube.


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