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Performance Point is a complex product

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on September 25, 2007

Early this summer I had the naive idea that I could do a demo of Performance Point for some customers. Well, some parts of this application is not that hard but after reading this overwiew and I have realized that my failure to explain the planning part, to these customers, was to be expected.  
So this are the parts of Performance point:
  • Monitor
    • Scorecard
    • Dashboard
    • Reporting
  • Planning
    • Budgeting
    • Forecasting
    • Consolidation

New books for Performance Point will be published between december 2007 and march 2008. Since the monitor part use known technology that will not be that hard to learn.

For planning, I do not know yet. Since I am not an expert in financial consolidation I would need a partner with experience in this area. This part of Performance Point is competing with Cognos Controller, former known as FRANGO.

Still I do not recommend a customer to use this product unless they have a succesful data warehouse and SSAS solution running in their business. Performance Point is a solution that can work after the efforts of a basic BI solution is up and running(and used by end users).

This product will require you to know more about accounting practises and  even more of how to run a business. 

Since I have been involved in some budget projects lately I know that this processs cause  a lot of pressure on business.  A lot of manual effort, time and spreadsheet anarchy are main parts of this process.

Any application that can kill hours wasted here(the budget process) will succed. I think that the possible success of Performance Point will start here but it will take 2 to 3 years before we will know.



2 Responses to “Performance Point is a complex product”

  1. Jade said

    I think PerformancePoint Planning is far more like Hyperion Planning.

  2. Johannes said

    Hi Thomas, if you are searching for a cut of hours in the manual handling of spreadsheets in the planning process, we have just released a new product called Obnex Planner ( that will address that issue.RegardsJohannes Åkesson

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