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Nothing new in SSAS 2008 RC0 regarding mulitiselect ?

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on June 29, 2008

I recently installed SQL Server 2008 RC with SSAS 2008. My first idea was to check if anything have changed regarding multiselect in  SSAS 2005. I have tried many of the examples that Mosha has on his blog but without having seeing any changes compared to SSAS 2005.
Mosha also says here that he would return with a solution i february 2008.
Edit: Mosha has a comment on this blog post that will tell you more about this subject.
Dynamic sets in SSAS 2008 can be a solution. Anyone else out there that have found any news regarding multiselect in SSAS 2008?

2 Responses to “Nothing new in SSAS 2008 RC0 regarding mulitiselect ?”

  1. Mosha said

    Unfortunately Analysis Services product team decided not to include support for multiselect calculations into Analysis Services 2008. I was too disappointed by this decision (and secretly hoped for its reversal up to the last minute) and didn’t put a blog about it, but I will do it since I promised I will do it.

  2. Thomas said

    Thanks for that information Mosha. Your blog posts about this subject have been very interesting. I understand that there is a time limit when features can be included in the final release or not. I am looking forward to hear more about this.

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