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One master warned us ten years ago

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on August 3, 2008

There is one article (Kimball: Bringing Up Super Marts Jan 1998)that I frequently read and mail the link to colleagues and friends in the BI-business.
If they change the link have a look at Articles and Papers.
It is written ten years ago when I entered the BI business and I still see these mistakes being repeated today.
Do not try to build a complete solution for all your BI requirements in one large project.
Next,  the stovepipe approach or building information silos is still to frequent together with the monolitic approach. Stovepipes will only copy the Excel anarchy approach by centralizing the same problem, that people go to meetings with different data about the same business. The monolitic approach will be to slow on delivering anything useful.
If a project is built according to one of these approaches it will spill over to your cubes and force you to create MDX code to support structures that were not good enough from the start.
The third point of that article is to distinguish between transaction cubes and snapshot cubes. I have been part of projects were we tried to build snapshot truth on top of transactions and had a cube with thousand of lines of MDX on top of transaction fact table. This is a frequent issue when you are trying to get budgets, forecasts and transaction views of data to fit in to the same fact table.
Do not chew the elephant in one bite!

One Response to “One master warned us ten years ago”

  1. McKibbinUSA said

    This is interesting — however, the link to the article is broken — can you provide a repost of the link or a citation, thanks… –William McKibbin

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