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You should pay more attention to BI methods

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on October 3, 2008

Marco and Alberto have written two chapters about BI methods that you should download and read.

It is here and it is important for any serious BI consultant to know about best practices, design patterns and project methods.

To much can go wrong if you think that general application design principles will work in the BI area.

Marco and Alberto. I have downloaded the first chapter and I promise to add comments soon.

Another thing. I am very happy about being a MVP on SQL. Got the email from MS on October the 1:st. This means one thing, more hard work. 

Most important, this means that people found some useful information on this blog and in the SSAS newsgroup. 


6 Responses to “You should pay more attention to BI methods”

  1. Vidas said

    Congratulations again on your MVP award. Well deserved!

  2. Thomas said

    Thanks Vidas!

  3. Darren said

    Congratulations Thomas, well done on the MVP award!

  4. Thomas said

    Thanks Darren. Your comments here have been very helpful.

  5. Unknown said

    Congratulations Thomas! A lot of hard work paying off.
    (sorry for the duplicate comments, but anyway it deserves being said twice 🙂

  6. Thomas said

    Hi Andreas and thanks. This is a really nice surprise.

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