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Thoughts about the BI-conference without being there

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on October 9, 2008

I was supposed to go the BI-conference but budget cuts cancelled this. Still I have followed the parts that have been published to the web and read several blogs about what has happened.
One of my primary concerns about the UDM concept, that has been with us since SSAS 2005, is that you will get very bad response time with MDX queries that combine leaf level members from different dimension.  Combine leaf level customers and leaf level products on rows and the time dimension with the date level on columns, and take a long coffee brake. 
But this is a common business requirement, to see dimensions combined at leaf levels. From this point of view I can see what empty business requirement space MS can fill with project Gemini.  It is pivot tables on steroids.
If you have missed this it is about being able to build cubes from 20-100 million records by an Excel 2007 add in, that uses a server in the background. Both Mosha, Chris Webb and many other important bloggers have more information about this.
The fact that nothing new was announced about Performance Point v2 nore the next Office release, that would be one of the main reasons for me to attend, made me less disappointed of not attending this year. 
My guess is that Office and Performance Point is too tightly connected to Sharepoint Server releases, in the MS release cycles.
Anyway , I would have liked to see Mosha’s MDX studio presentation and meet all you other bloggers at the conference. I miss that.
Thanks for reporting Dan English, Mosha and Marco Russo.

2 Responses to “Thoughts about the BI-conference without being there”

  1. Dan said

    I agree that it would have been great to get to meet all of the bloggers in the community.  I enjoy reporting and sharing the knowledge.  Mosha does not have a presentation available for download to send you.  He mainly went over MDX studio to show everyone the features.  The analyze part is really slick and being able to drill into the results of the query to see what makes up each of the axis and the members is very nice.  I do have some of the other presentations if you are interested or I can check to see what else is available that I did not attend (just post a message on my blog and I will get back to you).  Please stay in touch and hopefully soon we will hear some big news about PPS SP2 or v2:)  Take care.

  2. Thomas said

    Thanks Dan. I will contact you.

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