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Searching the web for information about the next MS SSAS browser for SSAS(2008?)

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on December 18, 2008

When MS bought ProClarity in early 2006 I never expected that this analytical software would be sent into the deep freezer for 3-4 years. Obviously I have been spoilt with the ProClarity development team that added good innovative capabilities in one year or two years release cycles.
The only new innovative end user tool I have seen from MS is the data mining add ins for Excel 2007.
Performance Point Monitoring and Analytics 2007, added some capabilities, like balanced scorecards, to the PPS Dashboard Designer, but no other innovative visualizations tools were added in that release.
What will happen in the near future? Since I am a MVP since october this year I can only refer to information already published on the web. What will a search about Office 14, the next Office release, or Performance Point(next version) reveal. Not much but some information can point to a direction.
Since ProClarity(that have seased to exist) and Performance Point are parts of the next Office 14 release you can follow what directions this next Office release is taking.
If I do a summary from blogs that i trust they say that Office 14 will both be a full webb release and a Windows release.
According to Paul Thurrot the Live version of the next Office release is delayed. That is one of the web versions. The web version is the only real indicator of the next release of Office I have found this far.
Other blogs connects the next Office with the release of Windows 7, that is the next O/S after Vista.
The time table, at present, for the next version of Performance Point seems to be the end of 2009 or early 2010.
And in 2010 the next version of SQL Server is supposed to be released.

2 Responses to “Searching the web for information about the next MS SSAS browser for SSAS(2008?)”

  1. Dan said

    Everyone is waiting patiently (well maybe not too patiently) for the next release of PPS 2007. Customers are requesting (well demanding) more innovative visualizations and cooler interactivity like Xcelsius or "Gemini" (the next SSAS release) is coming with the in-memory column based power being about to slice-and-dice trillion+ rows and mash-up data and have it intelligently create relationships. Now "Gemini" is Excel 2009(?) on mega steriods and "Madison" will be coming integrating DataAllegro for the terabyte data warehouses along with end-user self-service reporting in the SQL Server 2008 Feature Update (feature pack, refresh, what ever you would like to call it). The next full release of SQL Server as far as I know will be in 2011. Can’t wait till end of 2009 and to be able to start using some of the CTPs hopefully available soon for Office 14, Windows 7, and PPS 2.0. I heard that an update will supposedly be coming out to incorporate MDM in MOSS 2007…anyone else hear this?

  2. Thomas said

    Good comment Dan. I am very disappointed with MS, regarding their resources that nothing has happened regarding SSAS clients since the release of Excel 2007. Here in Sweden I think that ProClarity Analytics had a large market share of AS2000 and SSAS 2005 clients(50-60 percent). The market share in the rest of Europe has also been high for ProClarity. In this scenario it is not good enough to do nothing with that platform for three years. Thanks anyway for posting hints about what will be coming and new products.

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