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The Performance Point turmoil

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on February 1, 2009

It is more than a week since the news broke out. PP Planning will be discontinued and PP M&A will go into the next version of MOSS Enterprise Edition.
I am lucky to have focused only on PP M&A and only a few hours on planning.
My first reaction was why MS would move a cheap product like PP M&A and ProClarity into the expensive MOSS. The next question was why MS would cancel PP Planning since the market for budget applications(even if PP Planning have more features than that) must be big since this i handled manually today even in large organizations?
Budgets and forecast are done by by every level of management, not only the top, and many times this is handled by sending out Excel spreadsheets with many revisions before a budget/forecast is approved. The market must be large enough even for MS.
What is going on? During the last week I have read blog post, articles and comments on the PP Planning forum to get a view about what has happened and the future.
This is only fragments of comments based on sources open to everyone with internet access.
  • Buying PP M&A in MOSS maybe is not that expensive per user as I have assumed first. I have heard about 70 USD per user but have not been able to check that.  On the other hand running MOSS in small companies will not be cheap if you consider the consulting fee.
  • The sudden removal of PP Planning(18 months) have surprised many since the sales cycle for these kind of solutions is long.
  • I have heard form collegues in the consulting business, that have implemented PP Planning, that the first version was good enough except for the application to cause heavy loads on the server(MOSS or the free version of Sharepoint)

  I have always been told to find the simple explanation and to avoid the more complex ones. Maybe this change is only about revenue?

I also have been thinking about another scenario. MS has a strong market share in Office applications, Windows on the desktop and Exchange as the communication server. If I am not wrong I have seen that Windows as a server platform is closed to 50 percent of the market.

If MS continues to release service applications on top of Office ,new law suits can be a threat. Since MOSS is not dominant on its market that can be a safe habour for PP M&A.

Since SQL Servers market share is the third in size it can be safer to sell and develop planning applications as a part of this platform instead.

It is a new regime in the White House so maybe this was a preventive action.

Regarding Office 14 I still guess that we will see it on the market next year.


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