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First impression of Excel 2010

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on July 14, 2009

Office 2010 is here as a technical preview and I have installed it today as an upgrade of Office 2007.  As a BI consultant my primary interest is in Excel 2010 as a SSAS client and it seems as Excel 2010 works fine with SSAS 2008, at least on my laptop.
My first impression is that the user interface has not change that much since Excel 2007, when you query SSAS cubes. It will take some time to find all the new stuff  but I have found one important new feature that is not part of Excel 2007. Let us start with the user interface in Excel 2010. I have not installed the Gemini add in yet.
If I right click in the Pivot table a new option will appear that is heavily requested in the SSAS discussion group, and more important, by end users.  You will have a new feature called show values as with a lot of options(more than ten). I will show you one of the options, show values as % of grand total in the second picture.
 If I add another dimension you will get the correct percent of total of the nested dimension.
If you check the available options under that quick menu it is possible to see that Excel 2010 will reduce the number of complex MDX calculations for ratios that would otherwise to have developed by a consultant in SSRS or SSAS.
Edit: Chris Webb has a great review here.

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