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Expert cube development with MS SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on August 30, 2009

This is a great book. It will help you on getting on the right track regarding Analysis Services  2008 cube development and your data warehouse design. The book will also be helpful to BI developers still on the SSAS 2005 release.
The link to the book is provided in my book list.
You can read a lot of pros and cons advices regarding design decisions that will help you from making mistakes. From what I have read it will answere many of the questions that are posted on the Analysis Services discussion group om MSDN.  Actually you will get more than that, like more advanced design tips that you will have to pay a huge amount of consulting hours and fees to get at. If you are a consultant you might think, hm never thought about that.
The book covers data mart design, slowly changing dimensions, dimension design, fact table design, drilltrough, some MDX, currency conversions , query performance tuning, cube security, partition management and cube processing and finally how to monitor cube performance and usage.
The only part I am missing was to add some pages about report actions as an alternative to drillthrough in cubes.
I would put this book as a practical design guide on top of the book "MS SQL server 2008 Analysis Services Unleashed".  The second book will give you more detailed information but "Expert Cube Development.." is the must have for any SSAS 2008 project.

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