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Should I be outsourced ?

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on November 4, 2009

I have been a inhouse BI expert during the last two years. Before that I was a consultant for almost ten years.
When I write blog posts here it is mostly about techie stuff like MDX, Analysis Services, sometimes SSIS and sometimes data mining.  When I post answers in the SSAS newsgroup or send feedback to ctp or beta newsgroups it is mostly about technical issues. There is nothing wrong with that.
What I write less about but what occupies much of my daily work currently is about how BI relates to the daily efforts within a non-IT part of the company. The question is if I, and some colleagues, are an IT-function that should integrated with the entire IT-organization of the company or not. If I only work with building or trouble shooting BI solutions the answer is probably yes. I am an IT-function.
But BI is not only about that. I have my personal estimate that we are 50 percent business insight and 50 percent technolog even as BI consultants.
Should I work close to end users of our solutions or be transfered in to an IT-function? As a consultant 95 percent of my customers was not the IT-department within a company or organization, it was business functions like business controllers.
While thinking about these questions that put my daily work into a context I have found this blog, Peter Thomas, that puts our techie discussions into a broader mind set here
He also describes an inhouse BI expert and a BI external partner as the same approach as in archeology here .
Enjoy his blog posts and think two times before you only see BI as pure technology or learning BI-tools.

2 Responses to “Should I be outsourced ?”

  1. Peter said

    Thomas,Thanks for the links, glad that you found the articles of interest. I have been pretty quiet on the blogging front recently, glad that others are keeping the flame burning.Peter

  2. Thomas said

    Thanks for the message Peter. You have many interesting blog posts. I have only read a few yet.

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