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Tomislavs MDX book

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on October 23, 2011

Tomislav appeared on the SSAS forum around 2007, if I am not totally wrong, and he soon became an authority and seem to have impressed even Mosha. Since he worked  with the client Softpro Cube player it was obvious that this guy knew about MDX inside and out.

Now he has written a book about MDX that I can recommend. Actually a few years ago I thought that we would only have two MDX books, since it is not a block buster in its topic. I like Tomislavs book since it is focused on the practical analytical challanges and problems and show how to solve that in 480 pages. This book is obviously the main MDX point of reference for all SSAS developers. It is not a book about the SSAS engine internals and performance tuning of MDX.

You can buy it from here:


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