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The Data Warehouse Value Proposition

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on February 18, 2012

This is a slide that I am working on tryng to present what the customer pays for compared to running canned reports directly on top of source systems. I do try to avoid details from a customer perspective




This is what I have in my mind trying to explain what I am doing and what the customer is paying for.


3 Responses to “The Data Warehouse Value Proposition”

  1. Value is a benefit to the client and while we typically try to put a heads reduction around this (like we’ll save this much time at month end), a lot a benefit can be argued against the risk of the book. For example, a customer could spend 2% of revenue to understand how its generated and apportioned to expenses.

  2. Bob Duffy said

    Hi Thomas,

    Do you “always” advocate the creation of a physcial data mart ? Interested in the pivot points that drives the need to create one on top of the data warehouse.

    More often that not I tend to go straight from data warehouse into Analysis Services, without the need for a data mart.

  3. Hi Bob,
    The data mart can be views on top of the data warehouse of physical tables. The starschema mart model is good for compression in Power Pivot, column store indexes and BISM tabular. Less joins and more redundancy with starschemas that also aggregate DW data!

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