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Should I be outsourced ?

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on November 4, 2009

I have been a inhouse BI expert during the last two years. Before that I was a consultant for almost ten years.
When I write blog posts here it is mostly about techie stuff like MDX, Analysis Services, sometimes SSIS and sometimes data mining.  When I post answers in the SSAS newsgroup or send feedback to ctp or beta newsgroups it is mostly about technical issues. There is nothing wrong with that.
What I write less about but what occupies much of my daily work currently is about how BI relates to the daily efforts within a non-IT part of the company. The question is if I, and some colleagues, are an IT-function that should integrated with the entire IT-organization of the company or not. If I only work with building or trouble shooting BI solutions the answer is probably yes. I am an IT-function.
But BI is not only about that. I have my personal estimate that we are 50 percent business insight and 50 percent technolog even as BI consultants.
Should I work close to end users of our solutions or be transfered in to an IT-function? As a consultant 95 percent of my customers was not the IT-department within a company or organization, it was business functions like business controllers.
While thinking about these questions that put my daily work into a context I have found this blog, Peter Thomas, that puts our techie discussions into a broader mind set here
He also describes an inhouse BI expert and a BI external partner as the same approach as in archeology here .
Enjoy his blog posts and think two times before you only see BI as pure technology or learning BI-tools.

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ABC Analysis with MDX

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on October 14, 2008

Recently there was a discussion about doing ABC analysis with MDX in the SSAS forum here.
I have been in the BI business for ten years now but the ABC-combination did not hit any immediate ideas about what this kind of analytics was about.
I had to ask a stupid question about what ABC analysis was about but the answeres did not wake up any known insights.
After visiting a new third party client tool website,  that connects this analysis approach with a visualization approach, I recognized the almost ten year old ProClarity decomposition tree.
It can also sometimes be called  a Dupont Chart, the 20- and 80 percent rule or Pareto analysis.  The decomposition tree and the Dupont Chart are visualization tools of these analytical techniques with different names but the same approach.
The 20-80 percent rule says that 20 percent of your customers or products will generate 80 percent of your revenues.
My conclusion is that you have the option of buying a tool that will create this type of analysis, with strong visualization techniques, or work hard with MDX, for hours, and present the same information in a grid.

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