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The future of Report Builder?

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on May 17, 2007

During the BI-conference last week Microsoft announced the aquisation of SoftArtrisans Office Writer(
I have been working with MS BI solutions since 1999 and ProClarity since 1999, but I have had some problems with understanding Report Builder role in this platform(SQL Server 2005). Report builder works fine but the problem is that it needs a lot of educational efforts before you can put in the hand of end users. And it depends on a consultant building the report models.
To me it sounds like that Office Writer will do the same thing as report builder but from the more familiar Office(Word, Excel) interface or client.
This will put some doubts on the future of Report Builder as a client product.
Edit: Chris Webb have checked this  and it is not an aquisation but a licence agreement, like the Dundas charts for Reporting Services.

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