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Migration from Time Intelligence Dynamic Named Sets in BISM MD To Tabular Models

Posted by thomasivarssonmalmo on March 27, 2015

If you read my previous post about migration from named sets in BISM MD to an attribute based approach, with current flags, inside the BISM MD model this is pretty straight forward. By the way it works fine with Power View in SharePoint and DAXMD. How do we migrate these named sets in BISM MD to Power Pivot, BISM Tabular with DAX?

The same views as in the previous post should be part of the model.

The Power Pivot Model

This is the model in Power Pivot.



To this model you need to add one DAX Time calculation.


Note that the name of this calculation is ParallelPeriod but in DAX we do not use the DAX ParallelPeriod() function. You will have to use SamePeriodLastYear() instead.

Attribute Relations?

No you do not have to think about that. Only add the current flags to the model.

Excel 2013 Pivot Tables with Power Pivot

This is how the report with a current flag set to Y for the Current12Months attribute.



What about Power View?

The current flags works fine in Excel 2013 Power View as well. Note the filter set to Current12Months = Y. The row axis is correct and the calculations.



The model will also work in Power View for SharePoint and DAXMD.


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